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  • Alyssa

    She just turned 18, and with such an innocence look, this doe-eyed teen has something she has been shy about revealing, these most glorious, perfect double-d breasts... Usually covered up and hiding them, her first adult experience here on FTV was the perfect way to get them exposed, and proud of what she has! Besides the perfect naturals, she has a small waistline that only accentuates the perfect pair. She is introduced at a pretty exotic locale, in her casual wear... but its hard to hide those big breasts! Soon enough they pop out, and she's exposing them while people drive by. She squeezes them and massages them, runs topless, and reveals her cute private parts between her legs. She then visits a grocery store where she gets even more daring in topless form... that is until we were forced to leave! Back home, she uses the Eroscillator Toy to a nice natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions... and as you watch, notice how wet she gets, she ends up dripping down juices naturally. We then get nice views of her cute butt, and extreme closeups of some of the prettiest and tiniest private parts. She then gets a little dorky by dancing naked to her favorite spice girls song, singing along... and giving us a cute bra & panty show on the bed. Later in the day, she's wearing a cute dress and wedges, walking down a street, when she gives us cute upskirt and downblouse views, then gets completely naked and runs up and down the street! Notice how firm those breasts are while bouncing about. We then go voyeur, and watch her poolside, enjoying her naked body and her still wet private parts. She goes indoors to masturbate with the Magic Wand toy, and ends up squirting... and its super shocking to her because she's never squirted in her life! After a sexy shower, lathering her breasts and butt with soap, she then poses some more in a cute summer dress, then does a very extensive hard breast massage with baby oil. She even has her breasts 'man-handled' with a really hard man massage. As the day comes to a close, she says her goodbyes in downtown, and eats a sandwich at a restaurant topless... of course! One of the most innocent and 'so not what you'd think would do porn' girls ever, she is gifted with the perfect naturals, for you to enjoy for the first time on the internet!

    Supershy teen

    More please

    Foto: JPG, 266 pics x 4000 px, 853mb
    Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 83 min, 7 Gb


    • Brook & Fiona

      The supercute, superpopular Fiona returns, and brings her real life best friend with her... who is another first timer who has never done any adult work before! Brook, who is also 18 years old, has always loved Fiona as a friend, and both of them being bisexual -- have had sex with each other many times, and now we get to see it on video! We first meet them at a breakfast restaurant, where Fiona introduces Brook, and they risk making out an flashing their breasts right there! Finding a less busy area, they continue getting frisky, showing off their perfect butts (Brook was a cheerleader too) and spread each other for the camera. Back home, they get naked, and use two Magic Wand toys in tandem, with strong orgasms and heavy squirting! Fiona was first introduced to the vibrator on her first time shoot two months ago, and now she uses it obsessively -- and also introduced it to Brook a week before the shoot. Now they squirt together! Then they take a shower, lathering each others' butts, and talk more about their sex lives. All cleaned up, they go down on each other for some intimate oral sex, and get back to more masturbating, orgasms and squirting. Putting on cute bras and panties, they get playful in the bedroom and show off some of their flexibility and cheerleading skills. Back out for more fun, we see them visit an ice cream store and get really frisky, flashing their vagina and butt, and sucking cream off their breasts. We then see them get intimate on a busy street, then watch them take their clothes off and splash around in a water fountain, right in front of another busy street! They don't seem to be worried at all! We then do a sexy modeling shoot outdoors with just their undies and heels, then watch them finger themselves together. Fiona finds a water spout and arouses herself with it, then ends up peeing right there out in the open... and the girls then walk in their undies back onto the street and into the car. Later that evening, we see them dressed up in sexy dresses & heels, making out some more, and this time using the Vibraking toy for more super squirting right out at an office area! They then penetrate each other with a long cucumber, and in Fiona's case, she ends up squirting again... Next morning, the girls wake up in each others' arms, then masturbate by scisorring each other while using their vibrator, squirting on the bed! They end up wrestling, and Fiona shows off some of her grappling talents. Down in the lobby, they dance to music in the nude, and demonstrate their sexy moves as well as their flexible, cheerleading talents. Then these active girls end up hiking a mountain trail, and masturbating some more -- squirting all over the rocks! Another total adventure shoot, with two genuine best friends, and a total squirt fest for all of you squirting fans

      Frisky public display

      Best of friends

      Foto: JPG, 345 pics x 4000 px, 1Gb
      Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 133 min, 10 Gb
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part01.rar
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part02.rar
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part03.rar
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part04.rar
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part05.rar
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part06.rar
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part07.rar
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part08.rar
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part09.rar
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part10.rar
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part11.rar
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part12.rar
      1006.2016.08-Brook _ Fiona.part13.rar


      • Brooke

        Visiting from Wisconsin, this girl seems to hide behind her glasses, looking all innocent -- but she is a super frisky and sexual girl under those conservative clothes! She is looking to enter the adult industry, and gets her first adult experience with FTV. She's not shy however, and whether it comes to public nudity or masturbation, she is very comfortable with it all. Her exhibitionist side comes out when we meet her at a restaurant area, with her homework in front of her. The glasses come off, and her daring side comes out when she flashes her breasts, and draw the attention of the workers inside! She ends up taking her pants down and fingering herself, getting herself wet and ready to masturbate. Back home, she gets naked, and uses the Magic Wand toy to a strong orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. She gets even more wet after orgasm, and her wet fingers come out... she then talks about her early sex life as she gives us extreme closeups of her private parts. She sort of a hippie nerd girl, without much in the way of dresses and heels, so she actuall borrows her mom's dress and heels for the next part! Flashing and giving us upskirt teases, she pulls out her personal ribbed glass toy, and fucks herself with it. She then tries the opposite side for anal play, another first for her. We end up going shopping, and buying her a cute short skirt and top, with sexy strappy black heels (along with a flashing scene at a grocery store). Now this leggy girl parades around at a resort, looking livelier and more confident, transforming into a sexy woman. We watch her spread right in the middle of the courtyard, then take her panties and stuff them inside her! She then plugs in the Magic Wand toy to masturbate right in the top lobby of the hotel! Another orgasm... and some sexy nude walking in heels on the overpass. Finding a more quiet corner, she pops her breasts out, gives them a hard massage, and pulls hard on her nipples, stretching them out. Back home, she puts on a cute white bra & panty set, then does a hard sex session with a long dildo, pushing it really deep! She ends up having a sex orgasm from it, which was very satisfying for her. She's back out again, this time at another resort, but barefoot and with only a seethrough dress on. The teases lead to her using a thick cucumber, and she ends up with another sex orgasm while pounding herself right there! The day comes to an end with a sexy dance in red lingerie, and a masturbation to another strong orgasm to finish. She's a total girl next door, who you'd never think would ever consider porn, but here she is, on FTV

        Comfortable sexuality

        Intelligent beginning

        Foto: JPG, 296 pics x 4000 px, 1Gb
        Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 81 min, 7 Gb


        • Zoey

          We meet this beautiful blonde teen as she lays her clothing out on the bed, trying on a few different things and introducing us to those big perfect natural D-cup breasts that she is quite proud of, understandably! After playing with her feet a little, tickling her soles and rubbing her toes, Zoey just had to deploy some toys - note how wet she immediately becomes as she penetrates herself - and she has a variety to play with from a colorful vibrating toy to a light saber (a la a certain well-known current film) and even a bondage hook that she isolates her pink clitoris with before using the vintage vibrator to bring herself to a natural orgasm, despite her warnings that she had difficulty in climaxing on camera. We then see her using a suction cup dildo on the tub rim before jumping into the shower, spraying herself down and getting those perfect breasts nice and squeaky clean. The following day Zoey heads outdoors, flashing her breasts and doing nude cartwheels in public before heading inside for some dancing - she has some ballet training and loves to show off her flexibility - and got so into the music that we watch her insert the speaker itself for a kinky surprise! Heading to the bedroom she masturbates again with a magic wand type vibrator before oiling up and giving herself a hard breast massage, finishing off the day with a nice view of her round bubble butt. Zoey had recently done a few hardcore shoots but was still new enough to the industry to be quite shy about getting nude in public and masturbating to real orgasms, enjoying some fun new experiences here on FTV!

          Busty ballerina

          Cute sexy curves

          Foto: JPG, 358 pics x 4000 px, 4Gb
          Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 140 min, 17 Gb


          • Kristen

            Kristen a cute, petite, and fun loving girl, with a strong affinity for the extreme and large penetration! Even though she had never done any porn before (and is currently dating a girl) she was open to anything including some really kinky things. We first meet her at a park, where we see her in a cute schoolgirl outfit, and enjoy upskirt and downblouse teases. There are people checking her out from a distance, and she seems to enjoy the attention! She then starts fingering herself on a park bench until she is too aroused, and wants to go home and masturbate properly. Once back home, she fingers herself hard and fast on the bathroom counter to a strong orgasm. She is very orgasmic and sensitive down there! At a lunch break, she flashes some more, showing off her cute nipples and her now moist vagina... then goes to a grocery store to flash some more and gets really daring with the public nudity! She ends up buying some large veggies... She then does a striptease and her first spreads & gapes -- notice how wet she seems all the time! She then masturbates with the Eroscillator Vibrator (she had never masturbated with a quality vibrator) and ends up with several orgasms, and some incredibly strong vaginal contractions! Her reaction is priceless, and she oozes out clear juices down her vagina. Fingering herself, she shows off all the wetness inside, and tastes it. Closeups of the orgasms in a second camera angle get all the erotic details! She then shows off her pretty clit, and plays with her very long and pretty labia. She stretches them, pulls them, twists them... long labia lovers enjoy! She then tries out a long eggplant, fucking herself hard and rather deep! She rides it, does herself doggy style, and eventually takes 10 long inches of it down deep, to her belly button! Later that night, she flashes at a restaurant, and even moons us in front of the coke machine... She knows how to dance the Hawaiian Hula, so she then dances to some music in a cute mini dress, then strips down for us to enjoy her firm figure. Then she does something so extreme, and enjoys it... fisting herself hard, fast and deep! She pounds herself while rubbing, and ends up having an orgasm while fisting. She discovers in herself that she really does like the pressure of something large inside her, and she's only excited to do more. And so in the upcoming part 2, this petite first timer will continue to push her limits.

            Hula dance

            Naughty schoolgirl

            Foto: JPG, 246 pics x 4000 px, 600mb
            Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 78 min, 6 Gb


            • Kristen II

              The cute, petite and firm-figured Kristen continues her shoot with more public nudity and kinky play -- and goes all out extreme... because she truly does enjoy it all! We now see her in a more mature, dressy fashion shoot near a resort, wearing a sexy purple dress and heels. Its a stark contrast from her schoolgirl teen look on her previous update. She gives us more teases, then plays and pulls on her nipple piercing, and tugs on her long labia out in the open! She ends up peeing on the spot, but notice how her wet vaginal juices mix with her pee... She then brings out the cucumbers she bought at the grocer, and proceeds to push them in one by one. It become rather shocking when she manages to stuff four cucumbers inside her! She then spreads and gapes for us to show how stretched out she is. Back home, she continues to play with the cucumbers, pushing them even deeper, then going anal... and making a cucumber disappear in her butt! She eventually gets three in her vagina, and one in her butt, for some extreme penetration! She then gapes her butthole for you gaping fans. Her discovery of fisting began in her first update, and she's even more into it now -- on the bed in the nude, she slowly works her fist in, then pounds herself hard and fast. In combination with rubbing her clit with the other hand, she ends up with another strong fisting orgasm! She genuinely does love being 'filled out'. Later in the day, we see her in a workout outfit, though those volleyball shorts are super short! She visits a hiking trail which happens to be really busy -- but still has no problem with flashing her breasts, butt, and vagina! She draws the attention of other hikers, some who follow her and watch her spread and finger herself. She ends up posing for them while they take cell phone pictures... She gets super kinky again, and takes three ping pong balls and pushes them inside her, then pops them out -- notice how deep they go when she gapes herself open! Its time for the biggest toys -- starting with the thick FTV Monster Toy. Its wider than her forearm, and just as long. She goes right to riding it, and like her fisting, she enjoys the deep pressure of being filled out, and pounding herself real hard. She rides hard and fast, combined with clit rubbing ends up with another strong orgasm! Then its time for the big finale, the even bigger main FTV Monster Toy. She pounds herself in missionary, and realizes that this toy is now truly pushing her limits in every way. Lia ends up assisting, pounding her in doggy style. It almost looks like another leg coming out between her legs! Eventually she is too sore to continue, and its a good time to end the day. Kristen is the ultimate kind of First Timer, with enthusiasm, willingness to try new things, and an innate taste for all things extreme -- because she really does enjoy big things!

              All the biggest toys

              Feeling herself deep

              Foto: JPG, 248 pics x 4000 px, 965mb
              Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 56 min, 5 Gb
              1011.2016.13-Kristen II.part1.rar
              1011.2016.13-Kristen II.part2.rar
              1011.2016.13-Kristen II.part3.rar
              1011.2016.13-Kristen II.part4.rar
              1011.2016.13-Kristen II.part5.rar
              1011.2016.13-Kristen II.part6.rar


              • Summer

                She's a cute, super charming teen with such positive energy that she will put a smile on any viewers' face. Besides her beautiful, natural, tattoo free figure, she is also extremely sexual, and a secret exhibitionist. We first meet her at the airport, and notice her beauty and how excited she is to shoot for the first time. She's never even taken a nude pic before! She ends up flashing at the airport, then doing more teases at a restaurant area. Back home, she shows off her clothes, dresses up for us with a very flirtatious attitude! The next morning, we see her wake up and masturbate with a vibrator for the first time in her life, bringing her to several orgasms. Just look at how much she enjoys it! Out at a tourist destination, we watch her play the ukulele (yes she can play it and sing!) for the tourists, then end up flashing and teasing her private parts. Not only does she get wet and horny, it makes her want to pee, and we watch it happen in public... She loves to dance, and her bubbly personality shows when she twirls to some music in a dress and stockings. Later that night, she brings out a dildo she bought for herself, though hadn't used -- it was pretty large for her petite vagina but works hard to push it deep. She ends up getting pounded by the dildo in doggy style... On the next day, we see her in a sexy black dress & heels, flashing her full, firm butt and large breasts, then fingering herself and making herself very juicy. She ends up going home to try the Magic Wand toy for a rather quick orgasm! She's had this nice patch of pubic hair throughout the shoot, but now its time to shave it off, and we get to watch her do it in the shower. She even takes the razor handle and penetrates herself with it. That's when we get to see how pretty her private parts and clitoris are, for extreme closeups and gaping spreads. For some foot fetish play, she paints her toenails, then sucks on her toes. Her love of dancing has us do a second dancing shoot of her, this time with her big breasts out and bouncing everywhere! It leads to a hard breast massage scene where we get to enjoy her firm breasts being played with, as well as some nipple play. Her butt gets a nice massage too! To finish off the day, she tries the Big Glass Ball toy, which is the biggest thing she's ever experienced, but manages to get it inside her. Notice how tight her vagina holds on to the toy. A total First Timer, she's truly a fun, ideal, natural teen -- that real girl-next door type

                Ukulele Girl

                Teen Vitality

                Foto: JPG, 351 pics x 4000 px, 600mb
                Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 150 min, 13 Gb


                • Alana

                  She's a supercute, doe-eyed sexy girl who has a fun, kinky and experimental type of sexuality, and she's all about trying new things for FTV... starting with risky public nudity! We meet her at a sassy mall, where she shows off her very attractive dress and green heels, looking like a fashion model straight out of a commercial. Of course, its more than that... and she ends up taking off her panties and flashing her pretty private parts underneath! Her nipples get hard really easily, and stand out when her breasts pop out! We then see her find a thick vibrator in her purse, and she uses it to a strong orgasm while deep penetrating herself with it, right on the steps outdoors! Its an incredible orgasm with some very strong vaginal contractions. It makes her feel even more spunky, to try and dance naked in that public place! Notice she does not have any tattoos on her beautiful, ivory skin. Back home, she uses the Magic Wand toy to another strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions, and milky wet juices. She tastes her juices, then spreads, showing off her swollen clit, and playing with her long labia. Then she attempts to gape for the first time... She puts her hair in a ponytail, and tries on a cute little miniskirt and top, parading around a park. She is so cute in her outfit, and only draws you to her pink panties and bra underneath. She sneaks into an office, where she spreads and fingers herself, then goes anal... one finger then two, she penetrates herself down there until its time for a butt plug! She hadn't used one until now, and it takes some work, but watch her butt spread and wrap around the plug, as she fucks herself anally with it! Back home, she has two bigger butt plugs and proceeds to go to the third and biggest one, barely making it, pushing her limits! Then she tries three fingers in her butt, and gaping... To finish herself off, she uses the Vibraking Toy in tandem with a glass toy, and has another orgasm! Later in the day, we see her at a resort, where we enjoy her in another sexy dress and colorful heels, looking really leggy... and with a long cucumber in her hand. She gives it a blowjob, then penetrates herself with it, going both vaginally and anally! Finding a bench in a risky, public place, she continues to play with herself, using a glass toy and fingers... At a restaurant, she fingers herself under the table, then does a frisky dance to the music right in the hallway of the restaurant! At home, she dances to more music, only in stockings and in the nude, having a lot of fun with it. Foot fetish is next, with her playing with her pretty feet, and sucking on her toes... then rubbing her heel on her clit! We then get to enjoy her breasts, as she gives them a hard massage, and tugs and pulls on her nipples. In a cute little white sweater and a pink bowtie in her hair, she plays with herself outside in the sunset, then uses the Magic Wand toy again, to another orgasm... with her legs up like that you really get to see those contractions! She's really wet inside, and fingering herself you hear the juices. She really does enjoy playing PC and console games, so we watch her do some gaming on the computer, while she is riding a dildo! She grinds on it, but eventually loses control of her game to penetrate herself with the thick pink dildo. What a total cutie, a real girl-next door type who loves orgasms, and experimenting with new things on FTV

                  Cutie loves anal

                  More experimental

                  Foto: JPG, 370 pics x 4000 px, 1Gb
                  Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 106 min, 9 Gb
                  1013. 2016.15- Alana.part01.rar
                  1013. 2016.15- Alana.part02.rar
                  1013. 2016.15- Alana.part03.rar
                  1013. 2016.15- Alana.part04.rar
                  1013. 2016.15- Alana.part05.rar
                  1013. 2016.15- Alana.part06.rar
                  1013. 2016.15- Alana.part07.rar
                  1013. 2016.15- Alana.part08.rar
                  1013. 2016.15- Alana.part09.rar
                  1013. 2016.15- Alana.part10.rar
                  1013. 2016.15- Alana.part11.rar


                  • Kylie

                    She just turned 18, and is starting her career in adult -- and she is not only supercute, she's definitely a risk-taker! We first see her at a busy park, and watch her running around in a cute yellow summer dress. She isn't wearing any panties, so every time her skirt goes up, you get a peek underneath! Soon enough, she's raising her skirt, flashing her butt, fingering herself, and climbing trees just to tease us some more! Taking it a step further, she visits a grocery store and flashes everywhere, then picks up some summer squash -- then visiting a car wash, she masturbates while the car gets washed, and even goes inside for more risky teasers. Definitely not shy about flashing in public! She gets really horny from all this teasing and clit rubbing, so she goes home to masturbate with the Magic Wand Toy, and ends up with two orgasms. While she gives us closeups of her private parts and her pretty little clit, she talks about how she discovered masturbation, and then gets sexually aggressive, and wants to get finger-banged! Picking some music, she dances in a very bratty, girly way, eventually taking her dress off to get a little more senusal to the music, and moves in a very erotic way. That bubble butt looks so good when she shaking her booty! Putting on some sporty clothes, we watch her jogging at a popular hiking trail, flashing her butt and rubbing herself, then running around a volleyball area, being totally playful with her best assets exposed! She then visits a popular water fountain area, flashes some more and then starts fucking herself with a large summer squash! She ends up getting caught, and so heads home to continue playing with the veggie. She picks an even larger one, and works hard at pushing it in... and manages to get quite a bit inside her! Its the largest thing she's ever had... A new toy is introduced, a funky double ended toy -- and she uses it like a dildo, taking it as deep as she can go, then taking both ends and pushing them inside her. Its a double-vaginal insertion, once again, pushing her limits! This supercute teen gets a little more experience, then returns for part 2...

                    Teenage teaser

                    Foto: JPG, 185 pics x 4000 px, 500mb
                    Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 72 min, 6 Gb
                    1015. 2016.17- Kylie.part1.rar
                    1015. 2016.17- Kylie.part2.rar
                    1015. 2016.17- Kylie.part3.rar
                    1015. 2016.17- Kylie.part4.rar
                    1015. 2016.17- Kylie.part5.rar
                    1015. 2016.17- Kylie.part6.rar
                    1015. 2016.17- Kylie.part7.rar


                    • Kylie II

                      The supercute teen Kylie continues her adventure, right back into the public eye with more teasers outdoors... This time she's wearing sexy wedges, and a sheer dress with nothing underneath! Walking around a neighborhood street, we can see right through her dress -- the curvature of her body, and her privates! She doesn't seem to mind much when people drive by, and just giggles it away. She then follows a horseback riding trail, and takes her dress off to walk around the area naked... Going home, she meets up with three Pug dogs, plays around with them, then takes her clothes off to penetrate herself with markers... 10 of them! She dances to some music in her sheer outfit, then squats for a little peeing in the grass. She then uses the Magic Wand toy for a rather long masturbation, enjoying the stimulation... and spreads herself for the camera. Really nice closeup views of her pretty & petite vagina & clitoris... with some finger banging. Her anal 'debut' happens next, as she's never had anal sex or used anal toys before. She starts with her index finger, then uses the gem style butt plug, and discovers that it isn't so bad after all! To make it kinkier, she doubles it up with one in her vagina. She's back out again, this time in a very busy tourist destination, parading around being dorky, and flashing when she can. Her gorgeous teen look and cute little black romper and sandals totally goes with her natural style. Playing around in water fountains, spreading, and showing off beautiful green-eyes, she is a total treat to watch. Back home, she then takes a zucchini and has sex with it, as one last finale of fun penetration in FTV style. When you watch Kylie, she has a natural way of putting a smile on your face -- and her beauty and personality shows through the videos

                      Teenage teaser ii

                      Foto: JPG, 249 pics x 4000 px, 808mb
                      Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 71 min, 6 Gb
                      1016. 2016.18- Kylie II.part1.rar
                      1016. 2016.18- Kylie II.part2.rar
                      1016. 2016.18- Kylie II.part3.rar
                      1016. 2016.18- Kylie II.part4.rar
                      1016. 2016.18- Kylie II.part5.rar
                      1016. 2016.18- Kylie II.part6.rar
                      1016. 2016.18- Kylie II.part7.rar
                      1016. 2016.18- Kylie II.part8.rar


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