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  • Ivy - ''Gaping Extremes''

    Young Ivy is a tall, skinny girl with a very extreme and kinky side to her -- and she's putting her flexible vagina to the test by doing an extreme shoot with xxx! We first see her at a lakeside resort in a cute blue summer dress, without any panties... getting upskirt views, then some massive gaping! You can see deep inside her... Finding a comfy place at the resort, we discover that there's a cell phone inside her vagina, and she pulls it out to talk on it, then keeps it inside her as she walks around! Finding another pretty spot by the resort, she finger rubs herself hard and fast, until she has a strong orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions, and even some visible directly inside her as she's gaping! She then starts working her hand in... and ends up full fisting for the first time in her life! She works her hand in deep, then gapes for us even wider! Back home, Stacey works her hand into Ivy, and fists her even deeper, moving her hand all around deep way past the wrist, and pulling/stretching her out! It becomes a fist fucking session from missionary, to doggy, then a hard grind on the hand! Then, while Stacey's fist is deep inside her, Ivy uses the Vibraking Toy on her clit, and ends up having a strong orgasm that wraps itself around Stacey's fist! You can see the contractions happen even there. What comes next, is the biggest challenge of them all -- with some work, Stacey manages to push both hands inside Ivy, double fisting her!! She is stretched out to her limits, and when she pulls out, we get some massive gaping, along with deep inside views. She then does a little peeing scene, and has water poured into her gaping vagina, making a 'pool' which Stacy plays with... and then the bottle is used to fuck her as well! Visiting a bench near a neighborhood park, she's wearing a cute black dress and sandals, and has an eggplant to play with. She takes it completely inside her, and makes it disappear! Then she goes off to a resort area where she's hiding a lime in her vagina just like she did with the cell phone, and dances around, giving us gaping sneek peeks of the green fruit deep inside her! Then she takes two more limes, and gets all three inside, filling her up with green! Watch as she gapes and pushes them out... Out poolside, she does some foot fetish play, where she sucks on her toes (both of them at the same time!) and stuffs a toe into her vagina, as well as rub her clit with her heel. Then she puts on stockings, and does a hard fuck session with the xxx Monster Toy! She pushes it as deep as it goes, pounds herself hard and has a surprisingly strong orgasm from it! Notice the vaginal contractions... then she gives us some butt closeups, and takes her stockings and stuffs them inside her until it completely disappears, and pulls them out, with sticky wet juices forming on it! Then she has her final challenge: To push that massive head of the Magic Wand Toy inside her, and masturbate with the Vibraking on her clit. It ends up bringing her to a very strong orgasm, and notice how the intense vaginal contractions move the vibrator around, and amost pushes it out! Ivy's beyond extreme, and she pushes the kinky levels to an all time high on this shoot!

    Extreme fetishes

    Her fisting partner

    Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 73 min, 6 Gb
    1083.2017.84-Ivy - ''Gaping Extremes''.part1.rar
    1083.2017.84-Ivy - ''Gaping Extremes''.part2.rar
    1083.2017.84-Ivy - ''Gaping Extremes''.part3.rar
    1083.2017.84-Ivy - ''Gaping Extremes''.part4.rar
    1083.2017.84-Ivy - ''Gaping Extremes''.part5.rar
    1083.2017.84-Ivy - ''Gaping Extremes''.part6.rar
    1083.2017.84-Ivy - ''Gaping Extremes''.part7.rar


    • Kami - ''Beautiful Slender Form''

      This supercute, slim and firm 21 year old blonde has a figure that is so arousing to watch; and that butt is to die for! She's not very shy about flashing in public, even though she's never done anything adult before -- and is wearing a dress that is completely open to see her privates at a lakeside resort! She exposes her breasts and butt to the employees setting up Christmas lights, then rubs and fingers herself nearby. She has such pretty and petite private parts! She then visits another resort location after an angry employee threatens to call officers, and uses a portable vibrator. She gets rather loud; and penetrates that large head deep inside of her, getting that g-spot vibration! Its also hot to watch it lock inside of her, and have her walk around with the toy as well as hot doggy views. Then she does four fingers deep inside her vagina right there! Back home, she plays with a large summer squash, giving it a blowjob, then pushing it deep inside her until most of it is locked in, big end first! Not having enough, she then fingers her butt at the same time! She also has amazingly strong vaginal muscles, and manages to push the squash out. Going for more intense anal play, she fucks herself with a glass ball toy, then fingers her butt with as many as four fingers, then gapes her butt! She's never used toys like these before... and shows off her muscles by 'winking' her butt. Out poolside, she near-fists herself, and has her friend try it too! Almost extreme... The next morning, she's got her hair in a braid, and she's looking so cuddly and cute; and its all about getting kinky with a tangerine. She pushes it inside her, and uses those strong vaginal muscles to push it out! She then pushes her limits with the xxx Monster toy, but the thing is so large she only manages to get the head in! It allows her to gape naturally, and then show off her pretty clit and private parts. The pressure makes her want to pee... Later that night, she dresses up to go out on the town, wearing short shorts and heels, and joins up with Lia and Saraya. More masturbation with a large white rabbit toy, then a dancing scene where she gets naked and shows off that perfect butt. Recording herself and watching it, she also masturbates with the magic wand; then a behind the scenes video of Kami playing in a bathtub lathering herself in coconut oil. With all sorts of sexual play, this girl is another erotic and exclusive addition to xxx

      Girl shoots girl

      The teeny blonde

      Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 112 min, 9 Gb
      1084.2017.85-Kami - ''Beautiful Slender Form''.part01.rar
      1084.2017.85-Kami - ''Beautiful Slender Form''.part02.rar
      1084.2017.85-Kami - ''Beautiful Slender Form''.part03.rar
      1084.2017.85-Kami - ''Beautiful Slender Form''.part04.rar
      1084.2017.85-Kami - ''Beautiful Slender Form''.part05.rar
      1084.2017.85-Kami - ''Beautiful Slender Form''.part06.rar
      1084.2017.85-Kami - ''Beautiful Slender Form''.part07.rar
      1084.2017.85-Kami - ''Beautiful Slender Form''.part08.rar
      1084.2017.85-Kami - ''Beautiful Slender Form''.part09.rar
      1084.2017.85-Kami - ''Beautiful Slender Form''.part10.rar


      • Kobe - ''Firm Naturals''

        She's a gorgeous brunette from Atlanta who's been modeling for quite some time but is ready to move more into the adult arena as she matures. We first meet up with Kobe as she's going for a walk outdoors, and she shows her nice 34B natural breasts as well as a very shapely butt...we note that she's a bit nervous about getting naked in public but is willing to show off, running topless and with her pants down just to break the ice so to speak. Next we see her back indoors showing off her 'outie' vagina, then sliding her fingers inside to pleasure her own hole. She's in the mood for a toy instead of fingers so next we see her using a curved vibrator on herself, bringing herself quite quickly to her first orgasm of the day. Afterwards it's back to her fingers and we see her attempting to fist, only managing a few fingers inside...she decides to use a toy instead, choosing a thick glass toy that she slides inside as far as she can manage. She uses several toys and tries some gaping, spreading herself wide open to show her wetness before trying out the strongest toy of all, the vintage Vibraking toy! The toy brings her to a smaller orgasm with a mini-squirt on the stairs, and then another stronger one...that toy definitely brings the magic. Next we see her in a blue bra and panty set (blue being her favorite color) getting into some kinky fun with panty stuffing as she makes them disappear into her vagina. After a long luxurious hard breast massage she bids us farewell and we see those perfect natural breasts one last time as she flashes in public...Kobe is a beautiful fun-loving MILF with an easy laugh and an incredibly sexy body, and she loves sharing it here on xxx MILF!

        All about pleasure

        Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 61 min, 5 Gb
        1085.2017.86-Kobe - ''Firm Naturals''.part1.rar
        1085.2017.86-Kobe - ''Firm Naturals''.part2.rar
        1085.2017.86-Kobe - ''Firm Naturals''.part3.rar
        1085.2017.86-Kobe - ''Firm Naturals''.part4.rar
        1085.2017.86-Kobe - ''Firm Naturals''.part5.rar
        1085.2017.86-Kobe - ''Firm Naturals''.part6.rar


        • Mackenzie ''Beautiful Pools of Blue

          She's a beautiful blonde 18 year old, with the eyes and smile that melts your heart... and she's got an adventurous side to her! We first meet her at the mall, with her best friend Kimmie, who is from the same high school. We watch the walk around and visit stores, then Mackenzie flashes her breasts, which are surprisingly full and perky, with the most perfect nipples! The public nudity continues as she flashes her butt, then gets playful with Kimmie, rubbing each other under tables, and she even takes her bra off and goes topless at a food court! She then goes to a car wash, where she gets completely naked, and shows off her pretty, tattoo-free figure, while Kimmie gives her a breast and butt massage out in the open! The next morning, we see her in the bedroom, wearing a cut bra & panties. We get to immerse ourselves in her beauty, then watch her as she touches herself, caressing her form, and playing with her nipples. Her panties come off, and she starts fingering away; she ends up mini-squirting several times! The fingering continues, until she has a nice, natural orgasm with visible vaginal contractions. A second camera view gets the orgasm and milky wetness up close. We then see her very pretty private parts up close, while she talks about how she lost her virginity. Such pretty pink! Under the Christmas tree, Kimmie joins up with their favorite kinds of presents -- sexy heels! They put on their sexy heels on, and we get a little bit of foot fetish from Mackenzie, then she uses the shoe heels as a penetration toy! She ends up fucking herself with the shoe heel, while Kimmie helps push it in. Going for anal play, we see Mackenzie in a sexy blue dress & heels, then watch her finger her butt. Then with Kimmie's help, she uses a bejeweled butt plug as well. Training her butt muscles, watch her push the plug in and out! She then ends up peeing outdoors... Keeping her sexy outfit on, she tries out the portable Magic Wand for the first time, and it makes her squirt, then bring her to one of the strongest orgasms of her life! Then she tries pushing it into her vagina, and it gives her a different kind of orgasm... a g-spot style! To finish the day with a final fetish, she wanted to see what her vagina looked like with a speculum! Supercute, tattoo-free, and xxx-exclusive, there's still more of her to see, and we hope that her friend will shoot one day...

          NAME FILES

          Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 74 min, 6 Gb
          1086.2017.87-Mackenzie ''Beautiful Pools of Blue''.part1.rar
          1086.2017.87-Mackenzie ''Beautiful Pools of Blue''.part2.rar
          1086.2017.87-Mackenzie ''Beautiful Pools of Blue''.part3.rar
          1086.2017.87-Mackenzie ''Beautiful Pools of Blue''.part4.rar
          1086.2017.87-Mackenzie ''Beautiful Pools of Blue''.part5.rar
          1086.2017.87-Mackenzie ''Beautiful Pools of Blue''.part6.rar
          1086.2017.87-Mackenzie ''Beautiful Pools of Blue''.part7.rar


          • Mackenzie II - ''Beautiful Pools of Blue 2''

            This supercute teen's shoot continues on her third day, and we see the active side of Mackenzie. Out on a jogging trail, she's wearing workout clothes, but her butt gets exposed pretty easily... she shows off that full butt, then exposes her breasts, and starts fingering herself right there! People biking by see her with legs spread and breasts out, and not only does she get off, she squirts on the spot! Someone calls it in however, and the police show up to investigate... Back in a safe place at a back yard, she finds herself a long dildo, and starts pounding herself with it, then fingers herself again to another squirting orgasm! In her bathroom, she checks her pretty face out in the mirror, then dances to some music, shaking her full booty. Getting horny once again, she ends up fingering herself and squirting on the bathroom counter. Her wet privates are seen up close, as she spreads and shows very intimate details of her 'pink' up close. In the shower, she finds the Big Ten Toy... and its the largest thing she's ever attempted... giving it a deep blowjob. Then in doggy, while it is suctioned against the mirror, she fucks it deep! Watch some rather unique vantage points of her riding that big dildo, until she's too sore to continue. So enjoy this extra update of this adventurous blue-eyed 18 year old, we hope she will come back and shoot some more, perhaps back with Kimmie

            NAME FILES

            Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 31 min, 2 Gb
            1087.2017.88-Mackenzie II.part1.rar
            1087.2017.88-Mackenzie II.part2.rar
            1087.2017.88-Mackenzie II.part3.rar


            • Lacie - ''Incredibly Tight One''

              She's a dark haired stunner with big amazing breasts and when we first see her she's obviously waiting for something...or someone! We see her in a black dress slipping her hand into her panties and soon we realize who she was waiting for as her man Damon shows up, walking up behind her to slide his hands up over her body. They embraced to kiss passionately, heading down to the couch where Lacie said hello to his cock with her hands and lips and tongue, showing her deepthroat oral skills...he wanted to show his appreciation so they switched positions and we see him fingering and licking her pussy - note how amazingly small and tight her vagina is, she was worried he wouldn't be able to fit inside - and she got so wet he had no problem sliding right inside to fuck that tight hole, making her large breasts bounce with every thrust! She loved the sensation of his big dick in her small vagina so much it quickly brought her to orgasm as he penetrated her, enjoying some of her favorite positions and even being carried in Damon's arms as he fucked her. Things get a bit kinky as he stuffs Lacie's panties into her mouth as a play-gag before she rides him some more, giving us a nice view of those boobs bouncing and dancing. Next we see her with the Vibraking, and with that powerful toy on her clit and Damon's cock in her hole she had the strongest orgasm of the day. After eating out her pussy some more he finally unleashed a huge cumshot which reached all the way up from her vagina to her hair! She's a gorgeous dark haired beauty with big full breasts and an astoundingly tight vagina, and she had the time of her life showing it all off in this steamy hardcore shoot right here on xxx MILF!

              Busty and tight

              Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 50 min, 4 Gb
              1090.2017.91-Lacie - ''Incredibly Tight One''.part1.rar
              1090.2017.91-Lacie - ''Incredibly Tight One''.part2.rar
              1090.2017.91-Lacie - ''Incredibly Tight One''.part3.rar
              1090.2017.91-Lacie - ''Incredibly Tight One''.part4.rar
              1090.2017.91-Lacie - ''Incredibly Tight One''.part5.rar


              • Katy '' Tall, Sexy, Extreme''

                Tall, beautiful, with a gorgeous smile, Katy is a fashion model who wanted to try something different... and does it here only for xxx! She definitely has a kinky side to her, and she ends up becoming surprisingly extreme as well! We first see her in very short tube dress and white sandals, walking around a sassy mall, that dress keeps hiking up and showing off her private parts no matter how she walks! We get really nice views of her butt as she bends over, then teasers between her legs as she fingers herself on the bench! She dances to the mall music, then spreads for us, showing off how wet she gets down there! Then she finds another seating area outdoors to use the portable magic wand toy to masturbate... and then pushes it deep inside her! That big head fits right in, and she moves to doggy style while its turned on. Notice the juices all over the toy as she pulls it out! Using the Long Dildo, she gets pounded hard and deep... in fact incredibly deep, taking at least 10 inches of the toy and the harder the pounding, the more wet she gets! She ends up mini-squirting, and her milky wet juices flow down her vagina. She picks up the juices and tastes it... and visibly all over her tongue! Then she masturbates again, using the Big Ten Toy, pounding herself just as hard, getting milky wet again and ending up with a strong orgasm! We then get extreme closeups of her private parts, as she spreads and gapes herself and talks about her sex life. She then is introduced to the largest toy ever -- the xxx T.tan Toy! It shocks her, but she surprises herself by not only taking the sheer width of it, but taking it rather deep! Getting on top, she rides it and goes even deeper! Incredible. Then, for a final extreme, she starts fisting herself, going deep, then pounding hard to get herself off to another orgasm! Its incredible to watch her not only fist hard, but enjoy it so much. So ends part one of her shoot, and this beautiful, sexy girl continues to get even kinkier on part two!

                Going big deep

                Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 52 min, 4 Gb
                1091.2017.92-Katy '' Tall, Sexy, Extreme''.part1.rar
                1091.2017.92-Katy '' Tall, Sexy, Extreme''.part2.rar
                1091.2017.92-Katy '' Tall, Sexy, Extreme''.part3.rar
                1091.2017.92-Katy '' Tall, Sexy, Extreme''.part4.rar
                1091.2017.92-Katy '' Tall, Sexy, Extreme''.part5.rar


                • Katy II '' Tall, Sexy, Extreme 2''

                  The gorgeous, leggy and sexy Katy continues her adventure with another fashion-style introduction at a pretty resort area: She's got a mini-skirt on, tall black heels... makes her stand out with those long legs! We see her parade around without panties, giving us upskirt views and spreading her butt, then finds a pretty water fountain to settle by. Not only does she finger herself there, she ends up deep fisting herself as well! As she fucks herself with her hand right in this public place, we get views up close of the penetration. Then back home, she dances to some music, doing a striptease for us. Taking one of her long heels off, she then starts penetrating herself with it! She goes super deep with that thick heel, and fucks herself surprisingly hard with it. Then she masturbates again, using the Big Ten Toy for some more hard pounding to a strong, milky wet orgasm! A second camera gets a good penetration view. Getting comfy with cute stockings and a loose seethrough shirt, we go all over her cute butt, then watch her finger herself anally. She eventually gets three fingers in her butt, and she seems to enjoy it! We also get to see that beautiful face, beautiful smile with her hair tied back in the classic, natural style. Taking a longer, thicker dildo, she then pushes it anally, making it the biggest thing she's ever had in her butt, and deep too! She starts fucking herself with it. Then she goes for another monster dildo, a massively thick toy which is wider than her fist, and as long as her arm! She does it in missionary, then rides it, going super deep (notice how it pushes her butt out so far from it filling her up!) and then gets pounded back in missionary style. She gets super stretched out after that experience! And so ends a rather surprisingly extreme update, rather unexpected from a girl this hot and sexy. But of course, an other ideal girl for xxxGirls, and she's exclusive to the site!

                  From sexy to kinky

                  Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 51 min, 4 Gb
                  1093.2017.93-Katy II '' Tall, Sexy, Extreme 2''.part1.rar
                  1093.2017.93-Katy II '' Tall, Sexy, Extreme 2''.part2.rar
                  1093.2017.93-Katy II '' Tall, Sexy, Extreme 2''.part3.rar
                  1093.2017.93-Katy II '' Tall, Sexy, Extreme 2''.part4.rar
                  1093.2017.93-Katy II '' Tall, Sexy, Extreme 2''.part5.rar


                  • MILF Roxy ''Stunning Overseas - A Risky Tourist''

                    Taking a trip across the ocean we meet Roxy, a beautiful mature and busty woman from the UK who is ready to show that although many things are different in Europe, one thing that stays the same is a love of sexuality! We first meet Roxy next to a busy road in France, it looks like quite a cool windy day so she's bundled up in a hooded coat and right away she shows she's not shy about flashing a bit of skin in public, revealing those large perfect breasts with pierced nipples! We note how bubbly and charismatic this adventurous woman is as she rips her tights open to show her privates, jumping around and bouncing in a public parking garage. We next see her walking around in public wearing her ripped tights, getting daring right in front of a busy police station! Next we join her and the cameraman for a lovely walk through the gardens, with Roxy taking every opportunity to flash her breasts and drop her jeans to show an amazing butt as well. After some more exploring around the town - including walking through a train station with her pants down below her butt - we see Roxy in the parking lot inside the car, using a magic wand style toy on her pink pretty privates bringing herself to a nice strong natural orgasm! She's never done it this way in public before but enjoys it, and despite the chilly windy weather it's a fun day in the great outdoors in the UK with this gorgeous busty and very fun beauty...enjoy this mini-update right here on xxx MILF

                    Milf roxy a risky tourist

                    Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 45 min, 3 Gb
                    1092.2017.93-MILF Roxy.part1.rar
                    1092.2017.93-MILF Roxy.part2.rar
                    1092.2017.93-MILF Roxy.part3.rar
                    1092.2017.93-MILF Roxy.part4.rar


                    • Lanah

                      This supercute, slender 19 year old waif with creamy skin and those big dark seductive eyes we all love reminds us of a supermodel and she's here trying her hand at modeling for the very first time. She may not stay in the industry long as she has other plans, wanting to merely 'try porn on for size' - and blows us away with her poise and, of course, her looks! She very quickly slips out of her tight jeans to show her thong panties, rubbing herself all over and masturbating out in the open until getting spotted by someone nearby. Next we see her by a public fountain as she slips out of her jeans, pulling off her little panties to masturbate on the bench using her fingers, before she heads indoors to use the powerful vintage Vibraking toy. She got very turned on by the sensations - note how wet her vagina becomes as she gently uses the toy on her clitoris - but the Vibraking is just too strong so she changes over to a slightly less powerful magic wand style vibrator. She asks for the cameraman's help so he fucks her with a large blue dildo while she stimulates her clit with the vibrator...we can see that she's shy about orgasming on camera for the first time so it takes some time but eventually the sensations are just too much and she has a nice strong climax! Next it's time for penetration and she is given the huge FTV Destroyer toy just for fun, but it's way too big to even attempt insertion so we see her trying out a buttplug for anal pleasure...she keeps it inside while she uses another vibrator on her clitoris for a very long masturbation session before ramping back up to the Vibraking, which finally brings her to another nice orgasm and we note her milky natural juices after. After a vagina massage using warm oil she wants even more fun so it's back to the bed and we see her masturbating to orgasm again while watching bondage porn on her phone. The following day we see her get right back to it first thing in the morning, penetrating herself with a rabbit vibrator on the stairway which gives her multiple strong orgasms, followed by some anal play with a beaded glass toy. The short second day ends as Lanah walks towards the mall flashing to show a little upskirt view of her privates one last time - note she is wearing no panties in public - before saying goodbye...she's a petite stunner with a secretly kinky side and it's a pleasure to watch her explore her own sexuality right here on FTV!

                      Lanah penetrate

                      New to vibrators

                      Video: H264 MP4, 1920x1080, 86 min, 7 Gb
                      1094.2017.94-Lanah ''Sexual Little Figure''.part01.rar
                      1094.2017.94-Lanah ''Sexual Little Figure''.part02.rar
                      1094.2017.94-Lanah ''Sexual Little Figure''.part03.rar
                      1094.2017.94-Lanah ''Sexual Little Figure''.part04.rar
                      1094.2017.94-Lanah ''Sexual Little Figure''.part05.rar
                      1094.2017.94-Lanah ''Sexual Little Figure''.part06.rar
                      1094.2017.94-Lanah ''Sexual Little Figure''.part07.rar
                      1094.2017.94-Lanah ''Sexual Little Figure''.part08.rar


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